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Monday, December 9, 2019

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Local Government- Elected Boards & Commissions

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Alton Community School District #11 Board of Educaion

Alton Community Unit School District No. 11 Board of Education

Belleville Library Board

Belleville Public Library Board

Belleville Township High School District 201 Board

Bethalto Community Unified School District 8 Board of Education

Bethalto Community Unit School District 8 Board

Bethalto Public Library District Board of Trustees

Brooklyn Unit School District 188 Board

Cahokia Community Unit School District 187 Board

Canteen Township Board of Trustees

Caseyville Township Board of Trustees

Central School District 104 Board

Chouteau Township Board of Trustees

City of Alton Board of Aldermen

City of Belleville City Council

City of Centreville Council

City of Collinsville City Council

City of Edwardsville City Council

City of Edwardsville Library Board