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Friday, February 21, 2020

City of Fairview Heights Operations Committee met Nov. 16

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 17, 2020

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City of Fairview Heights Operations Committee met Nov. 16.

Here is the minutes provided by the Committee:

Committee Members in attendance - Anthony LeFlore, Pat Baeske, Pat Peck, Denise Williams

Committee Members absent - Joshua Frawley

Other Aldermen and Elected Officials in attendance - Mayor Mark Kupsky, City Clerk Karen Kaufhold, Aldermen Ryan Vickers, Brenda Wagner, Harry Zimmerman, Bill Poletti

Staff in attendance - Public Works Director John Harty, City Attorney Andrew Hoerner, Police Chief Chris Locke (left at 7:07 p.m.), Police Capt. CJ Beyersdorfer (left at 7:07 p.m.), and Police Lt. Jim Krummrich

Recorder - Jill Huffman

Public Participation


Approval of Minutes, October 6, 2019

Motion and second to approve minutes were made by Aldermen Peck/Williams. The motion carried by voice vote and was unanimous.


Alderman Denise Williams, Chairman

Police Chief presented a request to change the Force Level Resolution for patrol officers from 34 to 35 officers. This would bring the number of total sworn officers to 45.

Chief stated that the reason for this request is that the St. Clair County Sheriff contacted the City's Police Department to discuss starting again the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force. Chief replied to the Sheriff he would be interested if he could increase the Force Level so as not to take an officer off the road.

Chief stated that the grant and intergovernmental agreement will fund the additional police officer by paying for the officer's salary, benefits, overtime pay, and provides a vehicle for the officer as well as fuel for the vehicle for the length of time the officer is on the Auto Theft Task Force. He estimated, for the Sheriff, the cost per year would be approximately $94,000. There is latitude in the grant language for payroll changes due to contract negotiations. Therefore, the

Chief stated there is no cost to the City. He stated that the City would be required to add the vehicle, provided by the Auto Theft Task Force, to the fleet insurance, which according to the City's insurance carrier would cost approximately $800 per year. St. Clair County will reimburse the City every month, hence, when an officer works a month, the pay stubs would be submitted to the County and the City would be reimbursed the next month.

Chief stated the reason for becoming involved with the Task Force is that the number of stolen vehicles has increased, burglaries to vehicles have increased, and grab and run thefts have increased. He stated they have found that many of these grab and run vehicles are stolen. The Auto Theft Task Force attempts to prevent vehicles from being stolen and also strives to recover stolen vehicles which, at times, recovers evidence from other crimes.

The intergovernmental agreement would be in effect until June, 2020, and renewed for a year, every year, to accommodate payroll changes. The grant is for four years. Chief stated that the length of the previous grant was 15 years.

Questioned how many members are on the Task Force to which the Chief replied the participating agencies are the Sheriff's Department, Monroe County, Fairview Heights, Cahokia, Caseyville, Freeburg, Millstadt, Columbia, St. Clair County State's Attorney, and Monroe County State's Attorney.

Motion and second to forward a Resolution to City Council, with recommendation of approval, to add one patrol officer to, specifically, the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force by Aldermen Peck/Baeske. The motion carried by voice vote and was unanimous.

Public Services Committee

Alderman Pat Baeske, Chairman

CIP Discussion

The Director of Public Works stated, per ordinance, it is November of an odd year, and time to discuss the Capital Improvements Program. Every two years, the list is reviewed for project completion and insertion of new projects.

The Director discussed the Major Projects category:

• The infrastructure around the Municipal Complex needs to be updated, therefore, entrance, handrail, and fencing work will be done in the next year.

• Under the Storm Drainage Program, Hollandia Drainage, as of Monday, is under construction and will be complete by the end of this fiscal year. The Director proposed the Beau Gon/Charvel area for the next fiscal year, as there are a large number of pipes that are approximately 30 years old and rusted through which either need to be lined or completely replaced from Frank Scott Parkway to Beau Gon Drive. Additionally, would suggest rechannelization of Ogles Creek from the Richmond Bridge to the Mt. Vernon Bridge, removing brush. The Director believes both of these projects could be accomplished in the next fiscal year.

• Pleasant Ridge Road will be essentially complete this fiscal year. All of the roadway pavement was installed as of Monday. It was originally projected to be complete the middle of next year. The contractor's performance has been outstanding and the residents have offered many compliments. He stated that $2,000,000, therefore, will not rotate into next year's budget, and the project will probably be complete at $1.6 million.

The Mayor stated that this project will be funded by the State's Capital Improvement Program. The Director stated this is to be determined, however, it is in the Capital Bill, named as Pleasant Ridge, and, hopefully, the City will be reimbursed funds. If not, there is another project or two that can be worked through.

• The Fairview Heights Recreation Center is complete.

There are a couple of projects which need to be included in the Major Projects category. A couple of ideas are Longacre Drive from IL-159 to the new traffic signal at Union Hill Road, and Old Collinsville Road from Ashland to Highway 50. The Director stated his goal is to obtain Surface Transportation Program (STP) grants and, therefore, would actually be on the Joint Projects List. Regarding Longacre Drive, the Director stated he would like to mill the concrete to the curb line, asphalt and thermoplastic the roadway.

The Director discussed the Minor Projects category:

• Wilshire Drive (Ward 1) was completed earlier this year.

• Mark/Cari Drive (Ward 2) the engineering is complete. Ameren relocated the gas lines. O'Fallon will be there next to relocate water lines. The Department's goal is to bid and have construction ready to proceed the beginning of the next fiscal year, May, 2020.

• Stites/Cory Drive (Ward 3) the engineer is nearing completion. The goal is to bid this project in April for construction to proceed in May, 2020.

• Pearson Drive ( Ward 2) to be engineered in the next fiscal year.

• Kadlec Drive (Ward 3).

• Wedgewood Drive (East) (Ward 1).

• Mt. Vernon Drive (Ward 4)

• Judy Lane (Ward 4)

• Elm, Oak, Cedar Drive (Ward 1)

• Club, Wilson Drive ( Ward 2)

• Linda Drive (Ward 3)

Since Wilshire is complete, it is removed from the list, and all projects on the current list will move up one position. Therefore, another Minor Project should be added to the Minor Projects list. Ward 1 lists three projects, Ward 2 lists three projects, Ward 3 lists three projects, Ward 4

lists two projects, and Ward 5 shows no projects. The Director stated that Ward 5 has Pinewood and Windy Lane remaining for improvements which have eight residences.

Discussed looking at some of the other streets located near Beau Gon on the south side of Frank Scott Parkway and west of Illinois Route 159. The Director stated that the streets in that area have been maintained by the Street Division, within the Department, by milling and overlaying with asphalt and concrete patching. This area has curb and gutter and a dedicated storm sewer.

The Mayor stated to perhaps review Windy Lane and that the City has not done much in Ward 5 because they have not needed it and have more upgraded streets. He stated that a lot of money was spent in Ward 1 this past year. Ward 1 and Ward 2 have older streets. Ward 2 has several project on the Minor Projects list. He stated that a Ward 5 street should be added to be fair and spread the money across the whole city.

It was relayed that the Aldermen representing Ward 5, four years ago, reviewed the areas in their ward and, at that time, felt that Ward 5 was in good shape and relinquished one, maybe two, spots higher priority on the CIP. However, perhaps it is time to look at Ward 5. They also recognize the expense and large amount of drainage work completed in Fox Creek.

The Mayor stated that these projects are five years out. The Director stated that a project in the bottom part of the list would be eight to ten years out.

It was questioned about Kadlec Drive, being on the list for Ward 3. And, it was questioned if that street is curbed and guttered. The Director stated that the area is flat and the ditches are deep and is in need of upgrades.

The Director discussed the Joint Projects category:

• Longacre Drive and Union Hill Road, Traffic Signal bids will be opened on Friday by the State. Construction should begin after winter weather clears. Funds for this projects will be exhausted before the end of the current fiscal year. This will be a city-owned traffic signal. (The Mayor questioned if there is an update on the County's portion of Union Hill/Sullivan Drive to which the Director replied it was not listed on the letting for Friday. He will contact the County Engineer for the status of the project. The Mayor requested the Director also question the County Engineer about the crosswalk for the REC.)

The Mayor stated that the turn lane at Old Collinsville Road and Ashland will also be added on the Joint Projects list.

The Director stated that discussion needs to take place for inserting a project in the Minor Projects list since the completion of Wilshire Drive and it will be removed from the list.

The Director will have the revised list at the next meeting and could be legislated from that list.

The Mayor mentioned the possibility of a roundabout at Salem and Old Collinsville Road.

It was discussed that work on Pinewood south of Frank Scott Parkway would be dependent on the County finishing the work on Frank Scott Parkway. It was stated it would be some time before Pinewood would move up the list to become a working project.

It was stated with the changes occurring on Frank Scott Parkway, residents of Fox Creek are requesting the possibility of installing a traffic signal at the location of DePaul and Frank Scott Parkway to help with turning traffic in both directions, especially a left turn. Ward 5 Alderman stated this was discussed with the County Engineer and was told that a traffic signal was not going to be installed at Frank Scott Parkway. It was requested that the County consider a signal location on Old Collinsville Road at Columbia on the other side of Fox Creek, to which the County Engineering said he would review, and also look at the possibility of reducing the speed limit.

It was questioned if the Director spoke with IDOT regarding the potential of increased traffic on IL-161 and IL-159 due to the 1-255 closure to which he replied he has not, but will. The Mayor stated that traffic increase is projected on IL-157 and Kingshighway. He stated Caseyville is installing temporary traffic signals to aid in pushing the traffic through town. Alderman stated that he was told IL-161 and IL-159 would be alternate routes to get to I-255. The Mayor stated that the State is closing 1-255 from Collinsville Road to -64 for approximately four months for road replacement. After completion of that phase, the State will close 1-255 from 1-64 to IL-15. Total road closure is expected to be for a period of four months verses four years if not closing the road and will save the State $15 M.

Requested that the Director look at the erosion on the backside of the inlet at 34 Concord.

Alderman questioned, again, about Kadlec being on the list and thought the Department was dealing with Kadlec separately. Questioned if the Minor Projects list presented at the meeting is different from the previous list to which the Director stated no, it is the same list. He commented that the Department could not do the project separately in house as Kadlec would be a large project converting it from an oil and chip road to a curb and gutter with storm sewers. Alderman stated that Linda is also a bad road and believed that Linda was higher in the list with Kadlec after that. The Director stated he would review prior lists.

Director's Report - Project Updates

The Director of Public Works presented his written report to the elected officials for their review.

The Director stated that bids have been delayed for single source waste hauling as the Department was inundated with questions. A prebid meeting is scheduled with the interested trash haulers. A low bidder will be presented at the December meeting.

The Department tested five water points in City Hall, four of which were perfect, however, the water fountain in the hall next to Meeting Room A contained some bacteria. This could be from the collection, as if the fountain is not completely cleaned, bacteria could be picked up from the unit. The Mayor requested that the fountain be cleaned and retested to make sure it supplies safe water.

Regarding single source trash hauling, if a resident has an outstanding balance from the previous hauler, would trash not be collected until the balance is paid to which the Director replied that this will be a question to ask the hauler.

A comment was made that sentiments were received from residents of Fox Creek concerning the good quality of street patching on the roads in the subdivision.

Adjournment 7:35 p.m.

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